Friday, 16 January 2009

A Friend is Dying

You will lose your life and what you love completely. 

This is hard to accept in your heart, friends, and family 

You can cry bitter tears and ask God--- Why?

You can transform pain after you kick and cry.

What  is the purpose of  the confusion you  feel?

Where is the meaning in what is a bad deal?   

Perhaps your pain brings a community bond , 

As you surrender,  do you  feel a connection with God ?   

Your kids may now have a  depth and new love.

When they see you suffer they connect with the above. 

Please remember the beauty of your life and gifts,  

As you settle your affairs and see your uniqueness.

Your small self  will  die and your bigger self will live.

For we've all been  transformed  by how you act and give.






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