Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Organize Your Tackle and Reel in Your Tasks

Thoughts are private, challenged or shared.

They take some time to harness and snare.

Unruly, temperamental, ragged and wild-

Ideas can be sneaky for an adult or child.


But and if, why, what, and where-

Distractions are defined with focus and care.

There’s a shape to the talk going on in a head-

About priorities, time, and what can be said.


So, write things in poems, doodles, and lists.

The tricks of sanity should not be dismissed-

Grist for the mill, for a brain that is busy,

Prevention of the dizzy tizzy.


Management prevents one from going crazy:

Before you organize, all can seem hazy.

Multi-tasking gets a lot done- fast.

As long as your spin doesn’t loosen your grasp.


Reeling in big fish while you spin through the air,

Could hurt your body and mess up your hair.

So with your thoughts I’d better take care,

And mind the things that you love.


Happy New Year


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