Friday, 16 January 2009

Dollar Power

Pensions and incomes have less power,

The U.S dollar is diminished and soured.

New economic models are all over the map.

We don't know the valid from Wall Sreet crap.

There's talk about regulatory capitalism.

The free market is advocating socialism!

Subprime mortgages  required  little collateral,

Like a brick in the wind--  never compatible.

Blind trust  happened for the love of  money,

A dreamy illusion, a paper economy.

Believing in leaders, as if they could see,

Thinking they'd  regulate free market greed.

Alas, we now know that this didn't happen.

They all rode the shirt tails of  Reaganism.

So trickle down theory doesn't work anymore.

The rich didn't learn this, only the poor.

Questions abound.  The world's on a slide.

With loans, jobs and savings,  we're on for a ride.




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