Friday, 16 January 2009

Investments Can Be Harmful

Some people move money to other nations.

They play the game of recession and inflation.

They see countries like pawns, a smart gamblers slot.

This confuses the trade balance.  (the GNP doesn't know what it's got).

Folks buy foreign money  if it's gaining in value.

They may invest in oil, for its' allure is now hallowed.

This will continue until wages are more  equal.

Investers and markets will  exploit poorer  people. 

They'll buy cheap labor and products for consumption,

Instead of risking technologies that create better function.

Money is often hidden in these complicated  schemes.

Yes, we let brokers play with our money and dreams.

Mutual and retirement funds are often culprits,

We are often blind to their play in the economy bullpit.

Nations often fear what they call human vultures.

Greed creates illusions that  distort  foreign  cultures.

This can  breed  hate-- coming from a variety of  sectors.

Money games can be harmful,  as discussed in this lecture.


Ellen Van Laar

Batchawana Bay

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