Friday, 16 January 2009

Food Justice and Costs

Food, like the rabbit in the hat (magic trick),

Shows up in the grocery store.

We haven't a clue who planted or picked,

Or who drove it this far  north.


The dirt, gas, and wages it takes,

Are often higher than our  costs.

Soon we will have to awake,

Distance and labor will be boss.


Chemicals, gas, and foreign rule

effect price and quality.

We're now an international pool

with an import economy.


Justice will increase its sway.

Regulations may have to step in.

International unions may lead the way,

With  labor and legal representation.


Undercutting the small maverick.

With subsidies to the big dude.

Ethanol  has created havok.

Is fuel more important than food?


We complain about the price of gas.

Many feel squeezed 'round the middle.

Our values and goals should be re-tasked.

Third world labor is our wealth---- in this riddle.   





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