Monday, 26 January 2009

Nothing to Do?

We create culture from the inside out.

There is much to express and to learn about.

We can learn to lead and draw people together.

Create meetings--like on the internet, but better.

Make weekly gatherings for art or TV. ,

Exercise, cooking, bird watch or ski.

Biking, hiking, learn to stay awake.

Canoe, fish or go jump in the Lake.

Play games, take photographs.

Learn to play instruments --that's a big task!

Dancing, skateboarding, windsurf on waves.

I'd rather do anything than live in a daze.

Drugs and alcohol steal motivation.

One can't blame others for growing frustration.

Couch potatoes are just robbing themselves.

If there's nothing to do --just look at yourselves!!

The most stupid people don't look within.

They don't know who they are or where they've been.

So, learn to be thankful, not powerless-- like them.

Pull together, and accept what you've been given.

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