Thursday, 4 June 2009

Our Neighbors, Jean and Cecil


We have fine neighbors who are going clunky.

90 klicks from town, they’re old and spunky.

Their medicine is the garden, birds and a fiddle.

They feed and cook on a woodstove griddle.


One can’t walk and the other can’t see,

Cecil has a respirator, numb hands and a wheeze.

He sits at the road and waves to all.

When vehicles honk, geese also call.

His shoprider scooter hums here to there,

With a basket carrying his tools and wares.


Jean does things that get her in trouble.

She lifts and climbs, falls down, then grumbles.

I often pick her up by the scruff of her neck.

Then remind her – “I give you my full respect.

Someday when I pluck you off of the ground

You’ll be dead. Now, I am glad you’re around”.



Jean and Cecil are in their 80’s.  We have no other year around neighbors for many miles.




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