Sunday, 5 July 2009

Great Lakes Waterway


The Great Lakes are fed by a watershed basin.

Rivers collect run-off from two nations.

The U.S. and Canada share regulatory tools.

Together, they watch diversions and environmental rules.


From Lakes: Michigan, Superior, and Huron,

Saint Claire, Erie, Ontario, and Laurentien.

This continent was settled using water motion.

Boaters explored rivers on out to the Ocean.


Canoeing Natives, then the Voyageurs,

They traded furs for European beads and gear.

Roads and trains were not yet progressed.

So, water transport was key to economic success.


The Lakes became the international border.

The line is a shared resource, not wire or mortar.

The value of this is more than we can think.

Two countries are nourished by a common drink.

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