Sunday, 5 July 2009

Immigration Experience


Each person has a story, from birth to the present.

Some escape turmoil. Some seek freedoms’ essence.

Work, war, and family: a collage of emotion.

People want love, peace, land and promotion.


After tons of red tape, often vulnerable and alone,

Many are separated from family and a national home.

They’re learning what is exchanged for opportunity.

Some have broken hearts that aren’t easily set free.


But spirits grow determined as obstacles are faced.

Betterment is a process, a tenacious race.

Rights and permissions are gradual assumptions.

To become a citizen is a five year production.


Some are disappointed, some robbed and battered.

Persecution is here too.  Ignorant judgments do matter!

Foreign customs and voices, so hard to understand,

They are a chance to learn more about our fellow man.


Unfortunately, mobile society alienates people.

It also brings them together, the young and the feeble.

The world expands and contracts with knowledge or fear.

We define ourselves through what we hold most dear.






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