Friday, 14 August 2009

Values and Death


We often speak glibly about the fact we live and die.

The subject calls for values, for life gets magnified.

Choosing forms decisions, Justice takes a stand.

Mercy is redemptive. We must love our fellow man.


Freedom is a wild card that muddies up life’s pie.

Many are alone and don’t hear others cry.

Making life decisions is a prioritizing act.

Respect for others is a moral guidance fact.


Otherwise, we’re spoiled brats who yell to have our way.

There are those who kick and scream ‘til wisdom goes away.

Some want stuff, and don't sort things very well.

As garbage piles higher, they don't know joy from hell.


People often change when death wisps ‘cross their fate.

Then they know there is an end.  “The hour’s getting late”.

So live each day fondly, until you pass away.

Avenge pain through loving, Go sing and laugh and play.



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