Friday, 4 September 2009

US Border Restrictions


The U.S. border has most folks confused.

They may steal your lunch! You may feel abused!

Plants need certificates, and soil is prohibited.

Root crops and fruits are often restricted.

If there is doubt about where a seed was grown--

They'll dispose them to the "can of the unknown".

Pet food from Canada is a definate "no".

Uncooked rice and unmarked citrus cannot go.

Food must be marked, or you're courting a snatch.

A crop out of season looks bad in your hatch.

Animal by-products from cows, sheep and goats-

are not allowed in your car, truck or boat.

Don't bring flowers, firewood, or garlic.

Keep all these rules in your glove compartment.

Or else, you could get a three hundred dollar fine--

If you are found ignorant on the border line.



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