Friday, 19 November 2010

Haviland to Wawa, Prepare Yourself!

So, no: gas, supplies, shelter or bed.

From Haviland to Wawa,  nowhere to be fed.

In winter, it’s possible to lose your view. 

Ice closes the road.  No recourse for you.


200 kilometers, take lots of gas,

A blanket along to warm your mass.

Travel with: water, food and tools,

Flashlight, cables, and safety rules.


How can it be that along the Trans-Canada,

There are areas where cell phones can’t get connected?

We were taxed in order to get folks on-line.

That we still can’t communicate is almost a crime.


It’s dangerous to travel without a cell phone.

Tourism doesn’t  survive when one can’t call home.

Something I deal with, living up here,

Folks knock on my door, worried with fear.


It’s usually dark.  They’ve run out of gas.

Broken down, hitch hiking, low on cash.

Late for a wedding, A dog with no food.

A car stalled out, the kids in a mood.


So, take heed now that winter has come.

Have safe travels, and some fun!


The “Voyageur” of Batchawana Bay will re-open in January.


Written by Ellen Van Laar

I have an Art Show coming up-- SSM Downtown Association, December, “Wave Paintings”.






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