Sunday, 21 November 2010

Fall, a Sleepy Fat Bear Time

My meals are now fueling  an engine that can’t.

My body has slowed and I want to rant.

Food congeals on my waist. My figure’s now flawed.

Impulses move fast, from my paws to my jaw.


Food slithers down and then wants to rest.

I want a nap.  I’m losing my zest.

My intestines  sluggish,  yet wanting treats,

And bear-like hibernation after a feast. 


I could live for a year with the weight that I’m carrying.

It’s not easy to escape from tummy full ferrying.

It’s hard to accept that I’m growing so fast.

I’m feeling  blimpy. I have a heavy task.


Sure, my body image is distorted.

I look in the mirror and know I’m contorted.

It’s probably not as bad as it seems.

So please pass the butter, the cake and the cream.


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