Friday, 17 December 2010

Want Riches? --Acknowledge Each Other

Gifts to each other have a multiplying effect.

They are not just about what you give and get.

There are spin-offs when buying from local folk.

Community success is what it’s all about.

Pass cheer around, Share wares and ways.

This means supporting friends with your pay!

Their trades provide services, goods, and knowledge.

People work hard through apprenticeships and college.

We want kids to stay in our local region.

So put people first in every season.

When we frequent big stores and food chains,

We stifle what makes us healthy and sane.

It’s better to buy from artisans and shops,

Gift certificates are really tops.

For example: If we all eat the same food,

Watch the same programs, date the same dude,

Wear the same clothes, and say the same words-

Society gets boring. Life gets absurd.

What kind of society seeks one way expression?

Buying things is not about empty possession.

Don’t frequent chains or shop over the river.

Be locally focused as receiver and  giver. 

Acknowledge each other.  It’s a catalyst for riches.

This blossoms us into ourselves and our niches.


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