Friday, 10 December 2010

The" Rhymer" Digests Wikileaks

Governments are pursuing  Julian Assange,

For exposure of international secrets and plans.

The US handed him folk hero  status,

By calling him  “spy” and  “persona non grata”.

He’s now a “fall guy”, but he will have his glory.

For his goal is truth and  democratic story.

Perhaps, a martyr he has become-

He and Wikileaks have been put “on the run”.

Nations trump charges that seem legitimate,

Avoiding the real issue of their own embarrassment.

The world community wants him locked out.

Many have their “pants down”.  That’s  what it’s about. 

War machines and big business now feel threatened,

For the internet has  power to expose deception.

What is the crime? Is democracy deranged?

The international viciousness is a bit insane:

Fierce, anti-open, imperialistic defense.

Is our media free?   Who is the most arrogant?

Will there be a revelatory spat?

Wikileaks will relish the power in that.

Many citizens suspect that they’ve been had.

Lies and innuendos have been bad.

Folks want transparency and a balance of power.

To eat “humble pie” can taste sour.

Most accept that the truth is not rotten.

And, vulnerabilities must not be forgotten.


By Ellen Van Laar—the “Algoma Rhymer”

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