Friday, 28 January 2011

Wolves can be Dangerous

Seven dogs have been killed by wolves this winter -in the Batchawana Bay area.


Wild animals have been known to eat pets.

So learn to be wise, respect and protect.

Wolves are predators that will go in for a kill.

Yet, they are gentle, with fine parental skill.

They can run 40 miles an hour and smell distant goals.

Wolves are trained by the pack for specific  roles.   

There are stories about wolves nurturing human young,

Romulus and Remus were raised as sons.

Territory infringements are now causing strife.

Society shares habitat with wildlife.

So, please guard your pets. Learn safety rules,

Especially in wilderness where folks can be fools.

People  encounter wildlife  and aren’t always aware.

Carnivores have young to feed-yes wolves, also bear.

They are attracted to what your dog may eat.

An animal on a leash is a treat of fresh meat.

Pets should be kept in your house at night.

Outdoor bones and  food may cause a  fight. 

Yes,  animals hunt and protect their own.

So mark your territory and keep pets at home.



Ellen Van Laar-the “Algoma Rhymer”

Ellen will be at Stokely “ Women’s Getaway” on February 6, 10:00-2:00.


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