Thursday, 3 February 2011

"Don't Get Wacky or Whack!"

Anger is healthy if you’re abused,

But often people get violent and rude.

Some learn to verbally defend themselves.

But, conversation can escalate and not go well.

Appropriate reactions are commiseration,

Compassion, and legal separation.

Lashing out can make things worse.

This makes circumstances hard to reverse. 


War, addiction, and mental illness,

Illustrate the need for mental stillness.

But our culture wants virility,  power, and action.

This perpetuates conflict and the forming of factions.

Sometimes there’s nothing that we can do.

We might make things worse by stirring the stew.

When we try to solve problems overseas.

We ‘re held in suspicion for motives and greed.


Folks are sometimes attracted to fights.

They get in-between. They just want what’s right.

Most often they end up as  another “bad guy”.

A gun makes them look like a thug or a spy.

So let this be a cautionary warning-

Sit still. Watch reactions that you are forming.

Be contemplative if verbally attacked.

Trust yourself.  Don’t get wacky or whack!



Ellen Van Laar

Ellen will be at the Stokely “Women’s Getaway” on Sunday, February 6, 10:00-2:00.  Call for reservations.




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