Thursday, 7 April 2011

Political Unrest

Few know where political unrest will lead,

Especially in Libya, with Gaddafi’s misdeeds.

The internet has power to  start revolutions.

New leaders are rising with varied solutions.

All this is happening as democracies crumble.

World orders no longer strive to be humble.

People have access to so many things,

Both illusion and political power, it seems.

Koran burning in Florida caused riot reactions.

Yet dead Afghan civilians are taken for granted.

Morality, freedom, consumer needs,

There’s a struggle for rights. Sometimes just greed.

Money speaks loudly. Folks are offended.

Balance is fragile and must be defended.

We frantically look for solutions that last.

Then, new mistakes are analyzed and trashed.

Well wishing, compassion and prayerfulness,

Often are lost in powerlessness.

This process is frustrating, like turning stones.

Nothing is perfect. Skill must be honed.

Thought is essential. Revenge is not good.

Be part of solution and knock on wood.


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