Thursday, 24 March 2011

"Thoughts on Disaster"

Earthquakes rattle.  They put much in limbo.

The horror of this, few things resemble.

Then add a tsunami , re-ravaging Japan,

Moved the country 8 inches. Hard to comprehend.

The stretching of cables, wires and plumbing,

Creating  destruction, with years overcoming.

Infrastructure damage is danger enough,

Leaks of substances, radioactive stuff.

It’s worse than living in the oldest of homes,

Where there’s been no upkeep. Everything groans.  

Death shakes us, warning us to take heed,

With questioning  stretching from sea to sea.

Then there’s the pending nuclear disaster,

Causing anxiety and a need to work faster.

Fall-out in water and the rationing  question,

Discussions on what can provide protection.

The world wonders if we’re safe anymore.

Who do we trust to tell us the score?

Oil spills and radiation threaten  life styles.

Research is needed, with ecological profiles.

Governments must seek and court our trust,

By being forthcoming, honest and tough.


Ellen Van Laar

Batchawana Bay




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