Sunday, 15 February 2009



I’m obsessed with beauty, not my face or hair.

My goal is pure and simple—to see God everywhere.

I can’t imagine viewing things another way.

Even within the terrible, the almighty has a say.


Within intensity, hope, and love or war,

There is a mixed bag, and some things I deplore.

Ugliness and evil,  each have a kernel of divine.

Finding holiness within them is difficult to find.


How does love conquer confusion with its wake?

Forgiveness is hard to relate or take.

But if we don’t smooth dismay with that which we call wise,

There would remain a question of what rules our lives.


 I try to worship love in each experienced moment.

God is in my blessings and in each and every torment. 

If I choose to see the bad every time I turn around,

I’d be honoring darkness and to that I would be bound.


 I don’t refuse to see evil or to call a spade and spade.

There’s just something greater of which life is made.

This discussion is eternal.  The world’s a complex place.

It’s hard to live a day without beauty, love and grace.  










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