Friday, 25 February 2011

Storm on Lake Superior

Big storms are exciting, awesome, not frightening.
Waves go "thump", they splash and jump.
The sky moves in layers, shifts and wavers.
Snow brushes by, wisps and flies.
Erosive whining, new forms defining.
In the drive, snowdrifts rise.
They have grain, like wood on plane.
Why remove them now? No way, no how.
I must haul wood, not could or should.
Flooding snow has an emerald glow.
Fluid moves ice and makes a new sites.
It re-composites to new hills and pockets.
Storms command the water and land.
I watch and wait, no escape.
Roads are closed. Not everyone knows.
I like creation of ice formation.
You would too, if you could view what I do.

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