Thursday, 3 March 2011

Culture Galore on the Dance Floor

Traditional cultures are hard to retain,

Once homogenized, there are losses and gains.

Last weekend we went to an “Ol’ Timey” dance.

People held hands, circled and pranced.

Seniors, children, folks all got loose.

Together, last Sunday, at the “Moose”.

Algoma Trad hosted Japanese students.

A great welcoming!  and culturally prudent.

This weekend, there’s a “Pow Wow” at Algoma U.

Drop on in.  This was scheduled for you!


Fiddle tunes, pow wows, culture galore,

Quilting, quill work, crafts and more.

Pottery, jewelry, costumes and such.

Sharing old ways unites us, so much!

Celebrate history!  Put conflicts aside!

Community is cultivated with joyous pride. 

Whether Native, Mid-Eastern or Asian,

Festivals include African and Caucasian.

For richness resides in spices and lore.

Each person’s story holds much to explore!


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