Thursday, 10 March 2011

How Do You Feel?

You’re not well, feeling beat up and blue?

You may be getting a cold or flu.

Sick to your stomach, dizzy in the head?

I say,  “You’d better go to bed”.


So your stress level’s high. You work too much?

Tension has knotted your head and gut?

Your nerves, on the surface of your skin today?

Are they screaming “ REST!” or they will fray?


Altered cells try to reboot and reply.

Your brain is fried like scrambled egg pie.

You’re stirred in your stomach. Your intestines are lax. 

Your emotions are dormant like unpaid tax.


Absorb new options through your sick haze.

Forget about your mental waves.

Relax until your yuck subsides.

You’ll soon be feeling more alive.




Go to  the hospital, and get poked and charted,

Vulnerable, rattled, packaged and carted.

With your amazing lot of physical symptoms,

They’ll fill you with drugs and electric transmissions.

You’ll look like a robot, a walking computer,

Dancing with nurses, drips and monitors.

They’ll test you with squeezes, tests and clocks,

Keep you awake with needles, buzzes and knocks.

So, please get well soon. Look forward to fun.

You’ll be OK when they are done.



ACTIVITY: Discuss illness and emergency situations with your children. For instance, when should one stay home from school?  When is a hospital visit required?  What are symptoms that constitute the need for a doctor’s care?


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